About Our Program

Skills of an Atwood Ranch Naturally horse include

Parelli 7 Games, on-line & at liberty
navigating obstacles
confident trailer loading
feet handling/shoer prep
clipper preparation
shot, worming & vet prep
water crossing
puzzle solving skills
relaxed bathing
ponying off another horse
easy catching
accepting the bareback pad
and for two-year-olds, accepting the saddle, bridle and rider

Age & Availability

At Atwood Ranch Naturally we specialize in young horse development. Horses are offered for sale throughout the year.

We invest a significant amount of time in our foals' early learning and they are available at weaning. However, to reserve your dream horse, deposits will be accepted while they are still at their dams' side.

AR yearlings complete the Young Horse Foundation™ criteria. Numerous young horses are at various stages of their education throughout the year. Your perfect partner may be among them.

In addition, we start and develop a few select two-year-olds. They have solid ground skills, have experienced light ranch work and are available immediately. Inquire for more details.

Matchmaking Services

We at the Atwood Ranches take great pride in our horses excelling as performance horses. We are equally proud when they become productive ranch horses or thrive in the hands of a passionate student on a personal journey of horsemanship.

Our specialty is matchmaking. Our team aims as much to assist you in choosing your new equine partner as we do in selecting a perfect human match for each of our young horses.

We encourage guests to come to the ranch for a unique buying experience. Check out the horses playing and socializing in their pastures and browse through their scrapbooks and progress reports. Enjoy playing with a few horses in our fun playground full of natural obstacles in a no-pressure environment. Find that perfect partner – that special connection.


Our young horses are divided into price categories based on their breeding, level of education, talent and looks. We are pleased to offer special introductory pricing. Weanlings are priced starting at $2000. Yearlings are available starting at $4500, while our select two- and three-year-olds start at $7000.


Our mission at Atwood Ranch Naturally is to educate and develop our AR bred, young horses utilizing the philosophy, concepts and principles of Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship™. We are pleased to offer quality, well bred, young horses to the public with the skills necessary to ensure the success of both the horse and human in their future partnership.

Our Quarter Horses are handled as foals, weanlings and yearlings by young horse specialists. These specialists have extensive training, education and experience in young horse foundations and development … a terrific start for your next partner.